Monday, April 7, 2008

A look at the people around you...

Finally everything has ended and time to take a rest, and enjoy a bit of life. Also, to look at what is around at me. Today, I met two persons that gave me quite an insight of time, and what will I be facing in the near future after my varsity.

The first was an average young man, close to his 30. He was recommending me certain products which I found it worthy of purchase, but abit on the expensive side. During the consultation, we chatted on our own life, on what do we want to do and achieve. Many then often, he just wanted to lead a normal life of doing his job well and getting a stable source of income. Promotion to him is not important as he has a family to take care of and hence his solution to their immediate needs was the most important thing to do.

The next was recruiting people to his company. He is just in his mid 20s but is already a manager. During the interview, it sorted turn to a informal catch up session with an old friend. The whole thing began with, "So is this your first job?". "No", he said. He shed some light on how 'accidental' he got into this job, and fortunately able to make it big to where he is today.

These two persons make me ponder upon whether can we really do things that we really want and like in the future. Or everyone of us are only working blindly and aimlessly just to make ends meet. I got to decide on the university course I got to enter, and this decision depends on interests, passion and ability in its. But is this just a dream or an illusion that we got to follow the norm and not our desire.

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