Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Simple Life

Ok. This post is created in reply to somone horrible life. Let me be clear. My target audience for this post is on those that are interested in knowing my definition of this subject. Those that are not, please fuck off.

Everyone hopes to have a simple life, it is especially common to hear people hear this phrase out when they are stressed out. Be it during their tests, examinations, presentations and soon for us, ranking results. On the journey towards success and greater height, we question on our roots for these rewards, and doubts our direction on why do we need to take such a tough route when there is a simple one. But what is an ideal 'simple life' and does it really means heaven to everyone?

Do we consider the lifes of farmers to be simple. Yes, they do not need to work commercially. All they need is to farm, rear animals as well as enjoy music and dance with their family. They are sufficient and have their needs met. Is this the life that people considered simple? A life that is 'unstressless'. To some, the answer is yes. That is why some gave up their citizenship and migrated to greener pasture elsewhere. But, in my opinion, one thing they should consider in this proposal is whether do you think you will be happy.

What is the link here? Shouldn't a simple life be a happy life? To me, no. Why? Let me just share my experience as a person that has a relatively simple life, a life of a farmer placed in context of an urbanised built-up. I am self-sufficient in some organisation now. Free food, free lounging, free clothing and freedom of movement and time, only occassional bout of stress. But my life in this organisation is totally cut out from my own personal life, but do not intersect each other if represented in a venn diagram. To me, a self-sufficient life where you no need to worry about your needs is considered a simple life. Like what I have been through for the past one year. But am I happy? Am I happy just making sure that I am still alive to witness the next day? No, one thing that me, having a simple life, does not possess is a goal in life, a purpose in life.

Name me one animal that has a simple life, Dodo bird. It does have a simple life on the little island of Mauritius. They do not need to worry about their food, as seen from the fat and clumsy pictures of these birds. They do not need to worry about predators, and hence do not need to develop any escaping mechanism to aid their evasion from predators. With these simple life they have, they are easily wiped out and now, as we know, they are extinct.

I do not meant that a simple life will die early. Or farmers being extinct. We, humans, thrive to these days because we never stop improving ourselves. We always trive to be the best. This is the primitive instinct that everyone has: drive to compete and succeed. And this brings back the point on why we are always asking for a simple life while fighting for a good life. It is this cognitive property that drives this contradiction.

Hence, does that means that we will never enjoy a simple life. I will not give an absoulte answer. But it can only be enjoyed if you are able to live a life of being stagnant.

Rollar coasters and other entertainment gadgets in Disneyland and theme parks. These places are able to generate revenues because of our inert abilitiy to want to try something exciting. This brings us achievements that we are able to accomplish something. Hence, it is natural that everyone will want to build up a good record of achievements for himself so as to better survive in this urbanised environment. In the midst of doing so, we tend to resist these and solidify it as obstacles. Same principle as Le Chatelier's Principle in Chemistry.

But we all need to understand our purpose of achieveing this and a clear goal in mind. No point doing things for the sake of others or going through the motion. With a clear vision of your future life, we can work backward in formulating the techniques and goals you will achieve. With this personal workplan, one will not complain of being stressed out as this serves as a source of motivation that drives you to achive it as it leads to a big goal in life, the ideal life.

To some, an ideal life might meant a life that I done many good deeds, earned alot of money or simply have alot of wives. In the process of doing so, there is bound to be obstacles and challenges. With a strong vision and purpose in life, these obstacles and challenges will not hinder much in your attempt to reach the ultimate scenerio that you envisioned.

It is imperative that a proper reflection and though of your life to be done. It is never too late to do this as we have control over our life at any point of time. Is a matter of determination and motivation in wanting to achieve this dream that drives us forward. Humans are emotional creatures. We works toward an ideal life and desire for a simple life.

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