Monday, November 5, 2007


Recently has been clouded by an aura of sorrow and despair. Many people around me have succumbed to doubting their own abilities. Just thinking, but out of the blue, all these suddenly come back?

All of our are furnished with choices and opportunities in life. We are gifted with thoughts and self-conscious. But why aren't we using them? Why some turns to alcoholic, cigarette, drugs to numb their senses to escapre reality. It's because we are not prepared for reality, or simply we do not know reality.

Many said that education in Singapore is sheltering kids from the outside world, the real world. I beg to differ. Decisions have to been made to proceed to the next level of education, who does not choose which universities courses to go to, who does not choose whether to enter JC or poly and who does not choose which subject combinations after their secondary two examinations. All these choices impart on the reality we create ten to twenty years down the road.

For instance, the choice of stuyding medicine is opened to all. We can choose to be a doctor if we start preparing during secondary school and JC and make it a reality. But why some said they are not provided this choice. It is because they have not prepared for this reality of being a doctor. If preparation was made and this long-term goal was perceived, this reality will not be a big hurdle for anyone.

Anything that is considered in everyday's life can be used to numb us and distract our focus to pursue this ideal reality that we want. In today's world, we are living in a comfort zone that we do not want to move out from. If from young every decisions you made are from your parents or from 'someone' high up, you will worry when you really decide and turn to people for help and advice. I say, take the challenge and take the risk. It is your life. Whatever you do, you are responsibile for it and it is your decision that paints your life story.

A picture of distorted lines with no feelings or a picture of abstract arts? Is only differ whether training and planning are inside this process.

In my perspective, only moving from our comfort zone and add abit of planning, then we can truly move out from sorrow and despair and find the motivation and drive to succeed in life and find a better tomorrow.

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