Saturday, November 24, 2007

Next Phase of Life...

PSLE that determines your streaming into Special, Express & Normal is long over.

O Level that differentiates you to JC and Poly is gone.

A Level that provides you the 'passport' to enter varsity has been obtained.

NS that hinders your education has been broken.

So what is next?

This choice in going to which course will be a headache for people, like me, who does not have a single idea of what he will become in the future.

A simple family, a comfortable house, a nice car and a stable income.

Every jobs can provide this? And do you like it?

Government, be it uniformed or teaching? Finance industry? Banking industry? Research works? Where can I go?

This is a big headache, especially because I do not want to start thinking about it.

Who can tell me which route to take?

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