Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A new year, but definately not a new and good start. Have to settle the stuffs left from last year. The worries, concerns and decisions that have to be made for this year to go smoothly.

Today, I have quite an adventurous day, and also a really eye-opening experience. The morning portion was abit boring, the usual staff works PLUS faciliation. Can you imagine a rankless person helping to assist a faciliation class with seniors that are almost twice your age. But well, things gone to be done.

At lunch, it was quite a demoralising and depressing session. The phrase 'you are still working as long as you are with your boss' is totally truth today. Everything from his mouth were organizational replies to public's queries. The more he said, the more I thought that what is the point of getting it. For the money? Will I be happy with the job? Do I want to waste the first four years of my life doing something I cannot and do not like and then move on? These are the questions that I have to face and come to a conclusion soon, before more damage can be done. I do hope that I can really sit down with someone to sort out my thoughts on these and get it done ASAP. --> Highest priority in my to-do list for the year!!!

Luckily, the day ended at a high point. He brought me to the festival and explained and showed me the operation. To me, it was such a large-scale opearation and the atmosphere was tense. I was totally intimidated by the crowd, and the 'high' emotion that they are experiencing. Thereafter, we walked along the dark streets and saw something that I have not seen in my entire life.

After the whole thing, I really felt that small portion of the island is definately not Sinagapore. Questions start to pop up in my head. Am I apt for the job? Can I be trained for the job? Hopefully these answers will come to me soon.

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ZChen said...

what thing waht thing? Can share de anot? Or will get charged de? Some operations in Geylang or something?