Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yes, the cousin of Dengue has had hitted our headline. A disease, also propagated by the Aedes Mosquitoes, that has already infected 10 people. No death yet and all are isolated course. Don't worry, it is not air-borne. The symptoms are also similar to that of Dengue hameoharrge fever. I wonder what's next to hit us. SARS, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Nipah Virus,... Are we waiting for the most lethal pandemic to cause our extinction. Who cares? Don't think will happen in my lifetime.

Speaking of pandemic, another form has hit us. And this time, globally. The credit crunch. Those that know nuts of finance can suddenly comment, "eh, the don't know what index fell below 3,000 points leh. Die liao, we going into recession." It is amazing how people can follow news without knowing what exactly is happening. Of course we cannot always blame them, if all the pages of the newspaper are on these stuffs, what else can they read.

Yes, the STI index fell below 3,00o points on Monday. But luckily, it has rallied together with many stocks in Asian countries. And also, many agreed that US is in a recession. Does it have an implication on us, especially CNY is around the corner. In my opinion, not so for those risk-free ventures that do not trust the volatility of the free-market. Returns of their assets are not tied along with the market forces and rollar-coaster rides of stocks. But banks will also not be so generous to provide high interest rate. And for investors, they just cannot liquidate their assest at this point of time.

With these signs, it is natrually that many are not willing to spend during CNY, especially with a sky-high inflation rate. And when spending and consumerism drops, the economy drops together and it is up to somebody to think of rising the confidence level of consumers.

One trend that I realised the newspaper like to use is to lump cases together. For instance, the 5 lorries involved in 2 seaparate accidents along Pionner Road actually drew link to the accident that happened today, This might be a nice WIT project that LTA can do to review the passengers carried by commercial vehicles.

Another phenomenon noted is many lonely eldery dying without anyone realisation. Imagine dying without anyone knowing and bothering. It is like you never existed. This is very sad for people who have worked half their life for their family, company and their loved ones. With the greying of the population, the number of such incidents is such to increase and it is what town councils and RCs can do to provide and engage these senior citizes. With such growing needs and helps for these senior citizens, the dollar will start to stretch as we progress.

Drive-Thru ATM, if you want to try, try the SPC @ Upper ECP. Sounds amazing. LOL.

For those who likes to further your education and stand out as a leader, SMU has introduced a one-year acclerated MBA programme, at a cost of slightly less than half a hundred thousands. Seemed like a master will be a norm 20 years down the road.

Speaking of leadership, it ponders me whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic. When some mentioned I am learning leadership skills, it makes me think whether can it be taught or is it a talent. If it is so, does that means some are borne to be workers for the rest of their life and not be able to climb up the social ladder. This sounds scary.

Then I will see leadership trainings useless such people are borned to be leaders.

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