Thursday, January 24, 2008

A random mind with some random thoughts

Don't worry Zi Cheng, will give you a feel of how I felt that night when I meet up with you, as usual at XWM.

Whenever I look at the calendar, I take notice of the date, the month and the day to count the number of days left to weekends. But recently, the year just caught my eyes. The year 2008. Why? I kept asking myself. Yes, I am out of National Service. Yes, I have finished my Secondary and Pre-University educations and awaiting for my 'enlistment' into varsaity.

Then I thought, this is the time when my life is no longer fixed to a pre-arranged route that I must take in order to succeed or able to retire in peace. Though getting a degree is a 'must have' for Singaporeans, but the degree that I am going to get is going to decide (some might agree partially) my career. Can you believe it, I need to choose at the age of 21, what I will be doing for the later 20 to 30 years of life. The dream of getting a nice and decent car, enough money to get a comfortable house and to put up a nice wedding arrangement are going to be based on this small little decision where I choose my university course.

After completing my A Levels, I have thought of entering the decisive force. But after 2 years of experiencing it, I told myself, that was enough and definately not my cup of tea.

I also thought of moulding the future of minds. Until I just realised that the current batches are ill-disciplined and most of them a hopeless batch of people.

Now, I am contemplating of the force for the nation. After blogging, just see that it looks like a combination of what is above. But is it what I would like to do for half of me breathing. Do not know whether I would like to think and decide about it. Looking at dead corpse, working 12 hours shift, handling stress,.... Maybe I should KIV this till maybe after CNY.

Degree ---> Job?

Tough choice? Maybe we should be thinking and deciding it soon, my friends.

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