Saturday, January 26, 2008


I got into the test car. He buckled his seatbeat and waved to instruct me to turn out. When I looked at him, it was a her. Wearing the standard attire that any tester would wear.

I drove slowly around the circuit, creeping through the different courses and struggling to park my vehicle. All she did was smile and looked as if she was a normal passenger waiting to get to her destination.

As we exited the centre and into the public road, she started writing something on her clipboard. Small and indistinct writing. After completing the test route, we were back again. As I turned right into the centre, I accidently striked the side kerb.

Then, she looked at me, and showed me the paper she was holding.

YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a dream, but gave me a shock of my life. It just happened the day before I am going to take my TP. What an interesting life I got. What to do?

And it so happened that the last practical lesson I got before my practical test, the instructor taught me so much that I though I have wasted all my time and money for the rest of the preparation lessons that all said nothing. How to pass like that sia?

When my instructor passed me the wet tissue, he said "This will be the last wet towel you are going to get from BBDC." When I heard it, the image of me topping up my account and registering for additional lessons just flashed past my head.

Here goes my money.

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ahseow11 said...

so did you pass or fail?