Friday, August 3, 2007


I would like to comment on what I observed that is of great disturbance and concern to the well-being of an individual....

1. People that likes to push things at the last minutes and expect it to be done like you are superman.

2. People who seems to help you solve a problem like your team member, but in the end brought you more shit.

3. People that pull you to his commitment and then just abandon you.

4. People that wants you to feel the suffering and mood of his demise.

5. People who likes to talk big and gets NOTHING done.

If you belongs to anyone of these people, please bother to reflect and think of your life and I believe it is time to do so. Also, help to contribute to make everyone happy or at least not troubles to others. Really appreciate alot if you can at least attempt to do so..

This brings me to the next point on leadership....

A leader who can show you what is our objectives and aims (the minimum)

A leader who will support you all the way and help to pick you up when you are down.... (ideal leader)

A leader who will expect the ideal set-up with him going down to the ground and helping out... (as of now, my CO fits this description.)

A leader who will expect the ideal set-up but not go down to the ground, not helping and thinking all of us are super warriors. (F**ked up person who does not deserve the rank and also does not deserve to be up there)

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