Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check Point...

In certain period of your life, you just dread what you are doing and pray that time will fly. But in fact, time crawls and the pace tortures your every moment making you think how sucky your life is.

But after it, you realised that you had overcome something that you thought at that point of time you will not finish it or will not want to do it again. Funny human nature we all possessed.

Like a marathon, one should divide segment of the period you dread, settling intermediate goal and checkpoint. There's how people used to count their date to ORD.

Though 67 days seemed short, time really crawls at this point of time where you hoped that it will just speed up and go all the way down to less than 10 days. But too bad, it just won't happen.

Hence, the next date I'm looking forward is the 8th Sept where my understudy(ies) will commission and got to see them on 11th Sept. When this date arrives, Hehe..

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