Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Perservance bears fruit?

Think most of you know where this comes from...

Can perservance bears fruit? I do agree that it is able to in certain area like this....

It does required us to perservance all the long, daunting, exhausting training in order for us to make it like what we are at that point of time. When I think back about the training, I doubt I am able to withstand it with the current attitude I have.

But does the above statement applies for all cases throughout our life? In my opinion, one area which it is unlikely to be true is in relationship.

Seriously, I questioned on how does relationship develops? Is it based on a few intrinsic and extrinsic factors? Is it based on the time and enivornment? Or before I answer these questions can relationship be judged rationally and logically?

Is always these questions that gave people the headache and people wasting time poundering on this matter. That is why parents like to say, "You are still young, don't get involved into relationship, study hard and be useful".

But why do I think this cannot be applied onto relationship? From many couples, relationship starts from a few reasons.

1. physically attracted

2. presence of 'feeling'

3. fate

Can perservance changes a person's physical look? Can perservance causes the development of 'feeling' and can perservance causes the forming of fate?

Only the second point is questionable and the rest are definately no, less you are considering of plastic surgery or being Bruce Almighty and start changing people's life.

It is this 'feeling' that is present in most/majority of couples that cannot be explained rationally or logically and I doubt anyone can defined explictly what it is and how it develops.

That is why some people felt that this gap gives chance for perservance to be the fuel to start sparks in couples.

But I strongly believe that it will not bear fruit. My reason is simple. If perservance does make you love a person, do you love him just because you get used to him/her or is it you are rewarding, feeling of guilt, what he/she has done for you.

Either way, if relationship starts, it will not like long.

Maybe perservance does bear fruit, as shown in Honour and Passion, where love is 'cultivated' by a mixture of perservance (never give up spirit) and a little of luck and fate. So is it better to just let nature takes it course rather than having a rational mind judging everything?

Love is magical.

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